“I absolutely love my kitchen,” – that’s what we want to hear when we are done with the project. We want you to have a kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing, has everything you need where you need it and is great for more than cooking meals. We can make it into a place to entertain, socialize or wind down – whatever you wish.

Follow these tips to plan your kitchen remodeling:

  • Set a goal: define why you are remodeling in the first place. Do you want a bigger kitchen, a different layout or a fresh look?
  • Determine your priorities: list the things that you have to have in your kitchen in order of importance. The list may include ease of cooking, bar table for entertainment, large breakfast isle for kids, pet food area, etc.
  • Decide on appliances. Figure out if you are replacing them and if so, settle on the new ones. You will need their exact dimensions to make sure they (1) fit through the door and (2) fit in the designated space.
  • Design a layout. With a help of contractor, designer or software, plan the layout down to the smallest details, such as the position of the power outlets.
  • Collect ideas. Clip or bookmark pictures of the kitchens you love, kitchen décor, countertops, finishes, aprons, and dishes – anything that inspires your dream kitchen.

Remember, as long as you know what you want, we can build it up to your standards and expectations.