Old, worn, poor-quality windows could be adding hundreds of dollars to your heating bills. We’ve been installing windows for many years and can recommend you the best solutions for cold and windy East Coast winters. Depending on your needs, we can help you with window replacement or new window installation.

Window replacement involves removing your old window but keeping the existent frame/trim if it’s in good condition and you are happy with it.

New window installation means all the parts of the old window will be removed and new window with a new frame will be installed. This is a perfect solution if you don’t like the look, feel or size of your current windows. And, of course, we’ll make sure the new windows are energy efficient.


Materials and technologies used in siding manufacturing have come a long way. If you own an older home, your siding might still look good, but it’s not as attractive and energy-efficient as the modern solutions. With the new siding installation, CraftMasters can make your house look like new, increase its market value and lower your energy bills.


Is your roof leaking, sagging, missing shingles, buckling or plain crumbling apart? No matter how much you dread this, it might be the time to replace it before damage is caused to other parts of your house. We’ll make sure your new roof is properly installed, complete with a new gutter system and will last you a very long time.


A deck is a great use of your outdoor space. It is a versatile area that can be used for anything from al-fresco dining and summer parties to reading a book in solitude. We build custom decks to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle.


“I absolutely love my kitchen,” – that’s what we want to hear when we are done with the project. We want you to have a kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing, has everything you need where you need it and is great for more than cooking meals. We can make it into a place to entertain, socialize or wind down – whatever you wish.


Your family uses bathroom several times a day, so why not make this experience enjoyable? We’ll use our expertize to help you build a bathroom of your dreams, whether it’s a spa oasis, a modern marvel or an 18th century boudoir. If a simple tile and hardware update is all you need we can do that as well.

Contact us to request a free estimate and get started with your remodeling today. And remember: no money down, so you only pay when you are satisfied with the outcome (and we are confident you will be).